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ESSENTIAL FOODS cares about your dog’s wellbeing. Our mission is a commitment to making a difference by helping dogs achieve a healthier and fuller life based on their eating habits. This is why we do not make dog food. We make meals.

The Living Range

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ESSENTIAL LIVING is our take on a world class meal range for all adult dogs. Born grain-free, BOF-approved and containing only high-end ingredients, it’s little wonder our meals have been a global sensation for so many years.

Estate Living

Our unique grain-free meal, prepared with grass reared British lamb and free range venison from Yorkshire. It’s formulated to support normal activity levels and is for adult dogs of all breeds.


Nautical Living

Our uncompromising grain-free meal for adult dogs of all breeds. As the name suggests, NAUTICAL LIVING is packed with fresh salmon, trout, herring and the season’s fish.


Superior Living

Our legendary grain-free complete meal, cooked with heaps of freshly prepared chicken and duck. Suited for adult dogs of all breeds and formulated to support normal activity levels.


Highland Living

Our grain-free meal inspired by the highlands of Scotland. It is prepared with masses of delicious local and regional ingredients such as Norfolk Black turkey, Aberdeen Angus and Scottish salmon.


Our lifestyle meals

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For dogs with out-of-the-ordinary needs, we’ve carefully formulated special meals with one goal in mind: To provide the best nutritional conditions for a joyful and rich quality of life.

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Our single source protein food in which turkey, rice and oats are the main ingredients.



Our complete meal, specifically formulated for overweight dogs, dogs with reoccurring tendency of overweight and neutered dogs as their dietary requirements often change.



Our unique high energy meal, specifically formulated for dogs with especially demanding activity level or lifestyles. The meal can be served for short periods or permanently.



Our complete meal, specifically formulated for older dogs. Prepared with extra fresh chicken and duck, OLDER create optimal conditions for a high quality of life for all older/senior dogs.


The Beginning

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The BEGINNING meals are our very special complete meals for puppies and juniors. Grain-free, BOF-approved and tailored to the sensitive growth phases puppies undergo.

The Beginning

Our meal specifically formulated for puppies and juniors with an expected adult weight below 15kg.


The Beginning Large Breed

Our meal for puppies and juniors with an expected adult weight of 15kg and above. Developed to perfectly support this specific sensitive growth stage that bigger dogs go through.

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We offer meals,
not just dog food