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We are The Leading Luxury Lifestyle Pet Brand that represents an opportunity for you, not seen since the roll-out of the super premium brands in the ’00s. More than 250,000 dogs already enjoy ESSENTIAL FOODS meals and treats across the globe.

Our values are set for long-term partnerships. We stay true to our word and believe our distributors know their market best. This allows us to focus on providing superb service and further improve our unique meal and treat ranges.

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When we made our first shop visit to showcase ESSENTIAL FOODS, the first question we were asked was: Why should the shop consider giving ESSENTIAL FOODS shelf space at a time when it feels like there are more brands than dogs?

I’m very pleased to show that we have a very clear, concise and long-term answer to that question.

Christian Degner-Elsner


Exceptional quality and attractive to discerning customers.


Tailor-made for independent retailers.


High percentage of new dog owners.


Total satisfaction guarantee regardless.


Exclusivity as an ESSENTIAL FOODS certified retailer.


Access to new business through focused branding activities


Branding story and materials available for certified retailers.


Certified retailer listing on ESSENTIAL FOODS' website.


Privileged contact status.

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Reference Bonus for each new puppy parent.


Exclusive access to the PARTNER Store.


Free Puppy Packs – Saying farewell in style!


A tailored AMBASSADOR BOX just for you.


Privileged Contact Status.


First in line for Breeders' Insights.


Yearly Surprise!

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We believe in the power of long-term partnerships, and none is more important than the one we have with our breeders. With the AMBASSADORS CLUB we proudly serve you all our finest services and offers

The AMBASSADORS CLUB is a uniqute tribute to breerders. Join and experience the magic we love to create every day for our AMBASSADORS. The AMBASSADORS CLUB is truly the home for all breeders who seek the very best in every way.

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