ESSENTIAL FOODS is British born, saluting the long-established connection between a quintessentially English countryside lifestyle and the superior quality of the local produce. We’re proud that our range of meals is cooked and prepared in Britain, using a selection of ingredients sourced in England, Scotland or Wales. Having ESSENTIALS in your home is like having a piece of the countryside.

Whether your heart and home are filled with dogs or cats (or both…), we have the meals and treats which have been proudly prepared and cooked to make a distinct difference.

Some people assume we’re too much, but we say thriving, joy and happiness should be a daily event around the bowl. With ESSENTIALS they are.

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For every occasion there is a treat

Treats and delights have the magic to create many moments in life. With our exciting assortment, there’ll certainly be more than one new favourite.

Whether a handy treat for your walks, a quick reward during training, a crazy delicacy, a long-lasting evening snack or something in between

we have it, and we love to share. The ESSENTIALS treats also complement our meals and standards.

Not only are they carefully selected for specific needs, but they’re all BOF-approved, helping to keep the dog’s blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.

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Our handpicked ingredients

Our British heritage rests on our pledge to continue using a selection of the finest British ingredients and our dedication to increasing the quality of life and longevity of those we exclusively serve: Dogs &

Cats. We’re proud that all ESSENTIALS’ meals are prepared using ingredients of English, Scottish or Welsh provenance. This is a standard we’ll continue to cherish and protect.

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BOF: Behavioral Optimising Foods

A significant part of the idea behind the ESSENTIALS meals is to keep the dog’s blood sugar stable. When the dog’s blood sugar is running low or high, significant mental and physical fluctuations occur. It’s the same for humans, but even more so for dogs.

All our meals are composed with a view to preventing these fluctuations, creating a new standard of foods. The principle we have

developed is BOF (Behavioural Optimising Foods) and has been extremely well received. Our high fresh meat content and the low cooking temperature mean your dog getsexceptional nutritional values compared to mass-branded pet foods. Serving ESSENTIALS will have a positive effect on the mental balance of your dog. Some people report seeing a dramatic transformation in their dog’s behaviour, while others note a smaller change, however improvement is always seen.

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