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Foggy night with man and a dog

It's the countryside you can truly call home

ESSENTIALS is created with the vision of bringing you the good life of the British Countryside in an instant. Anywhere, anytime. That’s what we do. We take you to this magical place. For those of you who share our love of the countryside, we have a range of

tributes on our shelves, with ESTATE LIVING and HIGHLAND LIVING as perhaps the beacons leading the way with an elegant list of ingredients including grass-reared British lamb, Scottish Angus and free-range venison.

Exploring the world
with your dog

For hotel and dog lovers, we proudly launched Rhonda’s Choice in 2021, a travel club featuring the very best luxury and boutique hotels where the WHOLE family can stay.
Making it easy and enjoyable for you to explore the world with your dog is beyond important to us. Besides our travel club, we have treats and

accessories to assist you on your journey. Keeping your dog’s mind off the travelling can be useful at certain points, hence our assortment of chewy treats. The SMALL FOOD BOX makes it easy to bring the right amount of meals with you, and the DOG DIARY allows you to note down the memories you create along the way.

Man and dog on the beach
Dog chewing on treat
Two dogs chilling

It's the suburban roads
you love to roam

There’s no place like your long-time neighbourhood, where you and the whole family can roam freely and experience the joy of unplanned encounters with someone you know. There’s nothing quite like a spark of everyday kindness.

For you suburbanites living the good life, we have carefully formulated our LIVING range for

uncomplicated switches between recipes, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of varying the servings.

And for those neighbourhood walks, we have our luxurious FINEST range of treats, handmade and air-dried in Yorkshire, in the North of England.

Home is where the heart is, always.

A dog in the city

When the urban jungle
is your kingdom

Observing the deserted landscape in the early hours before the city awakes is a truly magical thing, as is leaning back in the small green oases where you can hide in plain sight while the city life buzzes around you. To make life in the city just that little bit easier, we offer all our meals in easy-to-carry 3 kg bags, and some even come in 1 kg and 1.5 kg bags.

Yet, our tribute to  the cosmopolitan lifestyle doesn’t stop there.

Our OMEGA 3 OIL supplements and the ESSENTIAL MOBILITY BLENDS are crafted to ensure our love for our dogs of a certain age is met and reflected in ways that could improve their life quality.

One mission: To improve and prolong the lives of dogs



No. 1

When A Guest Of Nature


When 10 Minutes Means More Than All The Rest


When You Are Here With Me And I Am Here With You


When Hiding In Plain Sight


When Breathing In The Silence


When You Are On Top Of The World


When Discovering New Questions That Needs Answering


When Surveying The Lay Of The Land


When Running Without A Destination And Being Truly Free




Our meals and assortment aside, this is our greatest pride and joy. We wholeheartedly believe it is our purpose in life – our raison d’être.

Based on the grand vision of our founder, Christian Degner-Elsner, we have, over the past decade, built a programme empowering people and organisations to change, improve and protect dogs & cats, our nature and wildlife.

As you can perhaps sense, we take great pride in managing a well-run company.

This is the foundation on which we make decisions exclusively rooted in our mission to improve and prolong the lives of dogs. Choosing ESSENTIALS is also choosing to believe that a company can exist to seek a positive change in the world. We seek this change through our foods and through our donations to our CHARITY programme. Ever eager to expand our impact, we match 1% of our global sales with donations.

In ESSENTIALS you will find a company with a soul and a mission that extends beyond profit.

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Eternal Living: A remarkable recipe

Eternal Living: A remarkable recipe

We proudly present to you: ETERNAL LIVING. A powerful 90% plant-based and 100% (ovo) vegetarian meal. Born protein rich and BOF approved, ETERNAL LIVING provides the same energy distribution as all our other beloved LIVING servings. Truly remarkable.

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We present: A new era for pâtés

We present: A new era for pâtés

We’ve added a full range of LIVING pâtés with juicy pieces of meat. Yes, you read that right - a full range right from day one.

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A Pink Sensation: The Panther

A Pink Sensation: The Panther

Do read on because the PANTHER might just be exactly what you and your cat have been looking for – for life to be enjoyed to the full.

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Fantastic Four: A New Bird Has Landed

Fantastic Four: A New Bird Has Landed

We’re proud to present our new treat: TURKEY MINI DELIGHTS. The fourth member of the MINI DELIGHTS range.

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Variation In The Bowl

Variation In The Bowl

There are great benefits to varying the meals which you serve your dog, keeping its taste buds stimulated while broadening the range of nutrients it receives.

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Our Take On A World Class Treat For Cats

Our Take On A World Class Treat For Cats

We proudly present to you our newest treat, ESSENTIAL the LYNX, a tribute to cats (which dogs happen to absolutely love too)!

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Sensational Six

Sensational Six

A new chapter in the story of the world’s most delicious treats begins now, as we proudly present the FINEST family’s luxurious, new member: BEEF & HERB SQUARES.

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