Variation In The Bowl

It’s a good idea to vary the content of what you feed your dog and keep its taste buds stimulated while broadening the range of nutrients it receives. Our LIVING range is specifically composed with a view to you being able to vary your dog’s diet easily by switching between the meals from time to time.

Our NAUTICAL offers, for example, generous amounts of fish. ESTATE is a unique meal prepared with heaps of grass reared lamb and free-range venision. SUPERIOR is our uncompromising classic with chicken and duck. And HIGHLAND LIVING offers the exquisite flavour of Angus beef and Norfolk Black turkey, which is hard for even the fussiest of eaters to resist.

Review of the month:

Mette B. had these kind words to say on Trustpilot about our service and meals, which we were delighted to read.

"Great service, both on the live chat and the phone. The product I bought was delivered quickly and came with a small gift. We are extremely satisfied with the quality. Like other people, I am actually pretty impressed, which doesn’t happen that often these days. So, I have nothing but praise for Essentials, and I warmly recommend both the company and its products. Thanks."
– Mette B.

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