A tribute to
your cat

The most important thing for ESSENTIAL FOODS is that our meals should help your cat live as long and healthy a life as possible. We’ve gone all out and put together a cat range that is something cats and kittens, alike, will adore. Grain-free, BOF-approved

and made from delicious and high quality ingredients like free-run Gressingham Ducks, Regional Ross & Cobb Chickens, Salmon and White Fish. We are not in doubt, we have the meals and treats that can make a true difference.

Our cat meals


The Little Lion

ESSENTIAL the LITTLE LION, a complete meal, is our tribute to these incredible and ever-fascinating souls: Kittens.


The Panther

ESSENTIAL the PANTHER is a complete grain-free meal for cats, tailor-made for three unique lifestyles and stages.


The Jaguar

Our idea of the ULTIMATE meal! A GRAIN-FREE meal, very similar to what your cat would have eaten in the wild. As always, we have emphasized the premium quality of all our ingredients.


Meet Lynx – the most
exquisite treat


A luxurious treat straight out of Iceland

This brilliant combination of cod and haddock is our take on the exquisite small delight. An ESSENTIAL tribute to cats. Entirely natural and straight out of Iceland, the LYNX is all and everything packed in one tiny bite.

And you know it’s the real deal when you get a whiff – this is all FISH!
Ideal for both cats and kittens, when you want to give them a tasty and healthy treat. And it even makes dogs go crazy too.

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Our handpicked ingredients

Our British heritage rests on our pledge to continue using a selection of the finest British ingredients and our dedication to increasing the quality of life and longevity of those we exclusively serve: Dogs &

Cats. We’re proud that all ESSENTIALS’ meals are prepared using ingredients of English, Scottish or Welsh provenance. This is a standard we’ll continue to cherish and protect.

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The world's best cat litter

dog image

ESSENTIAL SIMPLICITY CAT LITTER is a serious take on it! Ultra absorbent bentonite clay with the patented combination of SIMPLICITY smell control, natron (baking soda) and a neutralizing aroma scent. And even comes at a very competitive price.

How to use it: Fill the litter tray up to 8-10 com. Remove lumps daily. Continuously add cat litter everyday, making sure that there is always 8-10 cm sand in the litter tray. When the container is empty, the whole litter tray is emptied and you start over.