Eternal Living: A remarkable recipe

We proudly present to you: ETERNAL LIVING. A powerful 90% plant-based and 100% (ovo) vegetarian meal. Born protein rich and BOF approved, ETERNAL LIVING provides the same energy distribution as all our other beloved LIVING servings. Truly remarkable.

Reduced footprint: Choosing ETERNAL LIVING reduces your carbon footprint by 80% compared to buying a bag of our original recipe, SUPERIOR LIVING.
Avoid sensitive issues: If you’re not a fan of our popular meat and fish based meals (salmon, chicken, beef, lamb and duck etc.), ETERNAL LIVING just might be the relief you’ve been looking for.
To help you decide if this is a meal for you, here are a few answers to questions we thought you might ask.

1. How does ETERNAL provide my dog with the nutrition it needs?
When steering clear of meat, the most important thing is to find other valuable sources of protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins. ETERNAL has not one but many sources of protein, the main ones being brown rice, field beans, linseed, peas, and chickpeas. These plants also add vegetable fats and minerals to the plate, and we have even added some sunflower and rapeseed oils, known to be rich in both unsaturated (healthy) fats and vitamins. The icing on the cake is the eggs, which we go into greater detail on in point (2). Rest assured that all decisions regarding the ETERNAL recipe have been made with the well-being of dogs in mind.

2. Why add eggs to the recipe, instead of going 100% plant-based?
Eggs are an incredible source of protein, essential amino acids and omega-3 while having a considerably smaller footprint than other comparable animal sources for nutrition. Adding eggs is our way of ensuring that ETERNAL lives up to the high nutritional standards of our LIVING meal range - with the smallest footprint.

3. How can there be omega-3 in ETERNAL when there is no fish in it?
The short answer is that it primarily comes from eggs, rapeseed oil, algae, and seaweed. Algae and seaweed have a fun background story, as that’s where fish get their omega-3 fatty oils from in the first place. We just cut out the middleman!

4. How did you compare ETERNAL LIVING and SUPERIOR LIVING?
A life cycle assessment, prepared by Trayak in 2021-2022, compared the two meals based on our unique recipes, data from the recognised EcoInvent and supplemented by data from The World Food Database for added accuracy where necessary. You can download our PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET and the full FOOTPRINT REPORT on the ETERNAL page to learn more about the recipe and its footprint.

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