We present: A new era for pâtés

We’re very pleased to finally be able to reveal THE biggest new product addition since our extremely popular LIVING range almost 10 years ago. We’ve added  a full range of LIVING pâtés with juicy pieces of meat. Yes, you read that right - a full range right from day one.

All of our pâtés can be served on their own as a complete meal or as a topper with one of our kibble meals from our original LIVING range, the perfect combination if you prefer to serve a combination of wet and dry - so called MIXED MEALS.

Four good reasons to serve MIXED MEALS
1. Nutritional variation
By serving a combination of pâté and dry, you are offering a wider range of nutrients and taste sensations, something which will often improve the appetite. It’s also worth mentioning that all our meals have of course been formulated for an easy switch, without any need to transition.

2. An easy way to increase your dog’s water intake
Pâtés contain more water than dry meals, so this is a simple and convenient way to help your dog to keep hydrated.

3. Dental and oral hygiene
Kibble is inherently harder and requires more chewing, which can help improve dental and oral hygiene. Pâté is easier to eat and chew - even with whole pieces of meat - but the combination of wet and dry can help maintain good oral hygiene.

4. The most important reason:
PamperingSome people quite rightly love to use pâtés as a little extra treat or tempting topper. This flexibility allows you to vary the serving routine according to your dog’s preferences and nutritional needs.

Our PÂTÉ range comes in seven familiar types - the ones you know from our original range of LIVING meals, covering all your dog’s life stages,  and then our brand new adult pate with wild boar and pork, KINGDOM LIVING - available exclusively as a pâté.
When only the best is good enough.