Sensational Six

A new chapter in the story of the world’s most delicious treats begins now, as we proudly present the FINEST family’s luxurious, new member: BEEF & HERB SQUARES. An insanely delicious, hand-made treat containing copious quantities of top-quality beef combined with tasty herbs.

The introduction of FINEST HERB & SQUARES’ new shape and size makes it even easier to serve a luxurious treat on the go. The FINEST bags have also been redesigned to give them a look more befitting of the quality of the contents. And we have even ensured that the treats now come in a bag that can be recycled as plastic.FINEST HERB & SQUARES are the sixth member of the family, which we hope you’ll welcome with open arms!

OUR FINEST SELECTION: A gift box filled with love and treatsAnd as if that wasn't enough, allow us to introduce ESSENTIAL FOODS’ first and most luxurious gift box for dogs. FINEST SELECTION BOX is the ultimate gift for celebrations, birthdays or any other occasion that demands something extra special.

The gift box is filled to the brim with the six exclusive varieties in our FINEST range, including our latest addition, BEEF & HERB SQUARES.The treats are made with love and the box packed with pleasure to ensure that you can enjoy the good times in each other’s company.

Review of the month:

True to form, we’ll end this journal entry with a review which is something of a mood booster.

"We have been feeding Ada, our almost 2-year-old Golden Retriever 'Superior Living' for the past 3 months, and she loves it. We are very happy with the nutritional content and were surprised by how highly it scored on '', a really great website for nutritional content comparison. Every time we have ordered, there has been a free gift inside and I'm not going to lie... it makes spending your money on dog food a little more exciting. Food always has arrived quickly. Would recommend this to anyone."
- Alice

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