Our Take On A World Class Treat For Cats

We are excited to announce that our new treat, the LYNX, is finally here!

Not only is it a hit with cats and kittens, but dogs absolutely love them, too. The treat provides an exquisite and flavourful combination of Icelandic cod and haddock, both of which are naturally high in protein.

Entirely natural and straight out of Iceland, the LYNX is all and everything packed in one tiny bite. An ESSENTIAL tribute to cats. And you know it’s the real deal when you get a whiff– this is all FISH!

Review of the month:

We receive regular reviews on Trustpilot, and we pick one of them to feature in our Journal every month. This month is no exception!

"I was really keen to try Essentials and so purchased some trial packs to see which ones Shadow preferred. He gobbled them all down. Not a scrap left! Ordered two different bags, which were delivered almost before I could press send, so 6 out of 5 stars for you."
- Elisabeth

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