Fantastic Four: A New Bird Has Landed

We’re proud to present our new treat: TURKEY MINI DELIGHTS. The fourth member of the MINI DELIGHTS range - made with lots of turkey, for the benefit of all those looking for a little variation from our other delicious MINI DELIGHTS.

We’ve also made sure that all MINI DELIGHTS now come in a practical, resealable bag, making them easy to carry around and the ideal treats for training and walking alike.

And finally, we have a review that we simply had to share with you. We receive a lot of wonderful reviews, and they often make our day, as was the case with this one from Sandra V.

"Our dogs do really well on Essentials, and there was a visible difference in the quality of their coat from the very beginning.

What’s more, our puppies have previously experienced tummy troubles after starting on solids, but not anymore since we switched to Essentials.

We’re also delighted with all the tasty snacks for the dogs. And finally, their service is top notch! You always feel like an important customer at Essentials, and if something does go wrong, they sort it out immediately – and with a smile. Thank you for making it so easy to be a customer of yours."
- Sandra V.

We exist because we want to improve and extend the lives of dogs and cats. We have strong convictions about service, quality and, not least, about how we treat all living souls on our planet.
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