A Pink Sensation: The Panther

ESSENTIAL the PANTHER is our new grain-free, complete meal for cats, tailored to 3 unique lifestyles and life stages. Do read on because the PANTHER might just be exactly what you and your cat have been looking for – for life to be enjoyed to the full.

The recipe has been developed with a special focus on helping to maintain an optimal urine pH value to support a healthy urinary tract. This is especially important after sterilisation. Sterilisation can also lead to an increase in appetite, which, if not addressed, can cause unwanted weight gain. Again, the PANTHER is formulated to address this.

Indoor/Inactive/Weight control
Enjoying life indoors is not necessarily synonymous with weight issues. Not at all. However, if the cat’s lifestyle involves a lowered level of activity, this may cause it to put on weight. If increased weight control

is desired, the PANTHER is the solution for you. The meal is lower in fat than the JAGUAR and it contains ingredients to ensure that your cat enjoys the highest quality of life, including beets and cellulose, which help reduce hairballs.

Older/Seniors (7+ years)
There are several things that change as your cats grows older, not least its nutritional needs. We generally recommend serving the JAGUAR right up until the time when your cat starts gaining unwanted weight. The PANTHER offers a lower calorie intake and added L-carnitine, which helps with the digestion of fat, and supports the transition to a gentler lifestyle.

Regardless of the cat’s lifestyle or life stage, he or she will enjoy that each kibble is packed with fish. The PANTHER is everything you would expect of ESSENTIALS.

We exist because we want to improve and extend the lives of dogs and cats. We have strong convictions about service, quality and, not least, about how we treat all living souls on our planet.
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